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The Massachusetts Health Care Workforce Survey (MHCW) is an annual survey of provider organizations on the capacity and diversity of the Massachusetts health care workforce across select sectors. The survey will document the racial and ethnic composition of the health care workforce and collect critical information on labor participation, workforce needs, recruitment and retention challenges, and policy opportunities to help address the workforce crisis.

This survey is being conducted by the Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA), an agency of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

You can learn more about the MHCW here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I spend my time completing this survey?

This survey will provide the Commonwealth and provider organizations with detailed information on workforce capacity and diversity statewide, across region, and across health care sectors. The data collected on capacity and diversity of the health care workforce will help identify and monitor significant changes to workforce needs, support evidence-based state workforce policy opportunities, and afford provider associations and their members with meaningful analyses for their own planning and benchmarking purposes.

Who conducts the MHCW?

The Massachusetts Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA) is conducting this study in partnership with JSI Research and Training, Inc. CHIA is an independent state agency and responsible for providing information about the Massachusetts health care system to the health care community and state government policymakers. CHIA’s vision is a transparent health care system where reliable information provides common ground for improvement and empowers organizations to make informed decisions. JSI is an independent research firm headquartered in Boston, MA and they have experience conducting similar health care workforce studies. JSI is staffed by a team of professional researchers that respect your time and privacy.

Does my trade association know about this survey?

CHIA created the MHCW in partnership and collaboration with provider and trade associations, including Massachusetts Health and Hospital Association, Massachusetts Medical Society, Association for Behavioral Healthcare, CareQuest Institute for Oral Health, Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts, Massachusetts Ambulance Association, Massachusetts Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Massachusetts Adult Day Services Association, and Massachusetts Senior Care Association.

Who will researchers contact to complete the survey?

The study will reach out to HR professionals and other administrators at provider organizations in Massachusetts to collect organizational level data about workforce. Individual staff will not be asked to complete this survey on their own behalf. We hope to reach a wide variety of organizations to get a representative picture of the health care workforce across several key sectors in Massachusetts.

Where did you get my contact information?

CHIA and JSI researchers are working with your sector’s industry partners to identify health care employers in Massachusetts. We are reaching out to human resource professionals and other administrators to complete this survey. We legally obtained all contact names, contact phone numbers, and contact email addresses.

I received a link to the survey, but can my colleague complete the survey instead?

Possibly. We have sent this survey to human resource professionals, senior leadership representatives and other administrators for completion. If you feel another colleague should complete this instead, they should contact JSI’s lead researcher, Angel Bourgoin, PhD., at mahealthcareworkforcesurvey@jsi.com.

What kinds of questions will you ask about my facility?

The survey asks about employee demographics, job vacancies and turnover, benefits and wage information, and strategies and challenges to recruitment and retention for select occupations by sector. All your answers are private. Publicly available information will not link to you, your firm, or your employees.

Should health care systems complete one survey on behalf of more than one hospital, facility, or practice?

No. Each facility should complete their own MHCW survey. We are interested in gathering information on how each health care facility within each sector experiences workforce challenges differently, by facility type and region.

How will CHIA and JSI handle information about my facility and employees?

The survey is confidential. That means your contact information and business information will be private. Data collected as part of this survey is at the level of the organization and will be deidentified and aggregated prior to any public reporting. Publicly available information will never link you, your institution, or your institution’s employees to your answers.

How will CHIA use the survey results?

CHIA will use the study results to measure the capacity and diversity of the health care workforce and to identify key challenges facing each sector in recruitment and retention of employees. CHIA will make the MHCW study results publicly available on its website. Policymakers will use this information to help guide Massachusetts’ health care system.

What should I do if I have questions about completing this survey?

If you have any questions about completing this survey, please contact JSI’s lead researcher, Angel Bourgoin, PhD., at mahealthcareworkforcesurvey@jsi.com.

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What if my question is not in this list of Frequently Asked Questions?

If you have any questions that were not answered in the FAQs, feel free to contact us. 

To speak with someone at CHIA, contact:

Cat Nwachukwu, MPH
Research Manager


(617) 701-8100

If you have a question about the survey, contact:

Angel Bourgoin, PhD
Senior Researcher



BOSTON, MA 02116